NJ Working Families Endorses Michael Venezia for Mayor of Bloomfield

Posted on June 02, 2016 at 3:53 PM

Today the New Jersey Working Families Alliance along with its affiliates, activists and members organizations announced its endorsement of Mayor Michael Venezia in the 2016 Bloomfield mayoral election.

“Michael Venezia is the right choice for Bloomfield, whom will continue to advance a bold progressive agenda,” said Analilia Mejia, Executive Director of NJ Working Families. “Whether it’s passing pro-worker policies such as earned sick days or his efforts on behalf of the working people of the township by advancing policies like parental family leave and a $15 an hour minimum wage, Michael Venezia has shown he is willing to stand with NJ working families. Now we will stand with him and work hard to make sure that he’s re-elected as Mayor of Bloomfield.”

"The Working Families Alliance has changed the political landscape in New Jersey by fiercely advocating for progressive policies and I have been proud to partner with this organization on several important issues," said Mayor Venezia. "It is an honor to receive this endorsement and it's a testament to the work our team has done in making Bloomfield one of the most progressive municipalities in the state. I would like to thank the Working Families Alliance for this endorsement and for helping us keep the momentum going toward victory on Tuesday."

“Our mission at 32BJ SEIU is to uplift workers and their families,” said Kevin Brown, 32BJ SEIU Vice President and NJ State Director.   “Bloomfield Mayor Michael Venezia shares our vision.  He stood by our hardworking school cafeteria workers when their jobs were at risk.  And he has been a vocal supporter of issues that matter to all working people like a $15 minimum wage, earned sick days and family leave. That’s why we’re proud to endorse Michael Venezia in his bid for reelection.”       

“We enthusiastically endorse Mayor Venezia in his reelection, because of his firm commitment to progressive causes and positive vision for the future. Bloomfield is quickly becoming one of the most forward-thinking municipalities in New Jersey thanks to Mayor Venezia's leadership on the issues such as mandated parental leave, and earned paid sick days that is why we are proud to support him in his bid for reelection” said Ken McNamara, President of CWA Local 1037

“Blue Wave New Jersey supports the progressive policies that Mayor Venezia and the Bloomfield town council have passed including the $15 minimum wage for municipal workers, earned sick days and parental leave ordinance. These policies help provide the necessary support for Bloomfield's citizens to care for their families and sets a positive example for other NJ towns” said President of Blue Wave NJ Marcia Marley

“As a champion of workers rights mayor Venezia led the council to in the passage of a paid sick days law that guarantees all workers will be able to stay home when they are sick or need to care for an ill family member without risking financial harm” said Phyllis Salowe Kaye Director of NJ Citizen Action.


Affiliate members present included:


Analilia Mejia - Executive Director New Jersey Working Families Alliance

Kevin Brown - Vice President and NJ State Director for Local 32BJ, SEIU

Marcia Marley- President, Blue Wave NJ

Phyllis Salow Kaye - Director, NJ Citizen Action


NJ Working Families is a coalition of labor and community organizations dedicated to advancing progressive policies and politics in New Jersey. It mobilizes supporters to “vote their values” through voter education, outreach and field campaign work.

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