NJ State FMBA, Bloomfield Locals Endorse Team Venezia

Posted on May 25, 2016 at 10:12 AM

Mayor Mike Venezia and his team have received the endorsement of the New Jersey State Firefighters' Mutual Benevolent Association as well as FMBA Local 19 and Local 219, which represent Bloomfield firefighters and fire officers, respectively. The endorsements add to Team Venezia's broad support from Essex County Democratic leaders, labor unions and Bloomfield residents. 

"Firefighters and other first responders are on the front lines of our community, working hard every day to keep us all safe," said Mayor Venezia. "I have an incredible amount of respect for the work firefighters do and that makes me so proud to receive this endorsement from both the State and Local FMBA." 

The Bloomfield Fire Department is comprised of 78 full-time paid firefighters who work to keep residents and property safe from fires and other disasters, as well as engaging in fire prevention, community outreach and many other activities. 

"Mayor Venezia has earned our endorsement with his steadfast support of the Bloomfield Fire Department and its members," said Ed Donnelly, NJ State FMBA President. "Local officials who invest in manpower, training and equipment make it possible for us to do our job keeping communities safe, and we believe strongly in offering our support to elected officials like Mayor Venezia and his team who have lived up to that commitment." 

FMBA Local 19 President Geno Cantelme added: "Our members know Mayor Venezia and trust that he will do everything he can to make sure we are well-equipped and prepared, and there is nothing more we could ask from our Mayor. That's why we are proud to support Team Venezia." 

Mayor Venezia and his running mates Council members Wartyna Davis and Carlos Pomares and Council candidate Ted Gamble will be running on the Essex County Democratic Committee line in the upcoming election.

"I am excited to not just endorse Team Venezia, but to be a part of it myself as a candidate for Democratic County Committee," said FMBA Local 219 President Brian McDade, a lifelong Bloomfield resident. "Mayor Venezia and his team are moving Bloomfield forward toward a brighter future and I will be working hard to get all of my friends and neighbors to the polls on June 7th to support this excellent team."

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