Issues and Accomplishments

Stabilizing Property Taxes to Keep Bloomfield Affordable

When Mike Venezia took office in January of 2014 Bloomfield’s municipal budget was bloated and taxpayers had been hit with hundreds of dollars in tax increases over the past years. Mayor Venezia went to work immediately, bringing in a professional financial management team, cutting out waste and attracting new revenues through redevelopment initiatives. Thanks to his strong leadership Bloomfield property taxes were stabilized with the lowest percentage increases in Essex County over the past two years. Now Mayor Venezia is working to once again deliver a sound budget that protects taxpayers and keeps Bloomfield affordable, with the lowest projected tax increase in Bloomfield in over 20 years.


Economic Development and Smart, Balanced Growth

Bloomfield is becoming a true destination city for both new residents and businesses. Mayor Venezia and his team are working to harness this influx of development in a balanced way that will grow the community while still protecting neighborhood character. That’s why he's pushing for Bloomfield to build over 20 acres of parks and open space, including the new Morris Canal Greenway that is reducing neighborhood flooding. At the same time hundreds of new luxury residential units have been added, helping revitalize local businesses, stabilize property taxes and point the way to a brighter future.l


Leading the Way on Progressive Reforms to Help Working Families Succeed

In 2015 Bloomfield became one of the first municipalities in New Jersey to mandate that employers provide Earned Sick Leave to their workers, and in the process took its place as one of the progressive leaders of our state. Mayor Venezia is committed to making sure working families get the benefits they deserve. Now Bloomfield just became only the second town in New Jersey to raise its minimum wage for government employees to $15 an hour, setting an example and ensuring that public servants are able to live in the community they work in.


Keeping our Streets Safe with Public Safety Innovations

During Mayor Venezia’s first term Bloomfield has seen a tremendous drop in crime, with a 28% overall decrease in crime. Mayor Venezia and his team pushed to bring in a new police director who has modernized the department and implemented aggressive tactics to reduce crime and keep our neighborhoods safe. Bloomfield has also invested in new technologies like state of the art camera systems and high-tech vehicles to help police officers protect residents and solve crimes.